Sanchez v. San Diego Autos

Auto Fraud Legal Center has filed a lawsuit on behalf of George and Evangelina Sanchez to assert their legal rights against San Diego Autos. Roughly 30 days after the Sanchezes purchased their vehicle, San Diego Autos told them they had to sign a second contract. The Sanchezes allege San Diego Autos did provide them a right to refuse to sign a new contract or to receive a refund of his downpayment and cancel the contract. While dealers have the right to cancel a sales contract, it is a very narrow right. Dealers generally cannot rescind or cancel the contract after 10 days of the purchase.

Even further, the Sanchezes allege that San Diego Autos backdated the second illegal contract to the date of the first contract. Backdating is illegal because it charges the customer interest on a contract that isn’t even in effect.

You can read more about the seller’s right to cancel and other Auto Fraud violations in our Auto Fraud Information Center.

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