CBS 8 News Highlighting AFLC’s Work

CBS News Anchors introducing the story featuring Greg Babbitt of Auto Fraud Legal Center.

Click here to watch the 3:oo story and read what happened. 


San Diego CBS 8 News featured a recent case of an Auto Fraud Legal Center client including some helpful tips from our very own Greg Babbitt on how used car buyers can limit a car dealer’s opportunities to take advantage of the buyer.

An excerpt from the story: 

Knowing that he now owed $57,000 for a car that was not street-legal, Munoz immediately looked for an attorney for help.

He found the Auto Fraud Legal Center and hired the firm to help.

Attorney Greg Babbitt from the Auto Fraud Legal Center has helped car buyers deal with dishonest car dealers for more than 21 years.

Babbitt says that while shocking, Munoz’s case is not in the least bit surprising.

“Unfortunately, [Munoz’s] story is pretty typical,” said Babbitt. “I tell my clients, who are from all different walks of life, whether lower income people or very wealthy, that they are always susceptible to being cheated by car dealers because it’s human nature to trust people. They don’t want to believe that a person is going to blatantly lie to them just to get them to buy a car. Nothing surprises me after doing this for so long.”