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Angela FraticelliAngela Fraticelli
01:40 15 Oct 22
Awesome!! Lilia Guizar got us out of a nightmare we were in with with a non operating vehicle. I was turned down by other firms after discussing my case. Lily took time to hear me out and was thorough with the information I provided her about my complaint. We are completely satisfied with our outcome!
Tiffany SidwellTiffany Sidwell
04:51 08 Oct 22
Lilia Guizar was my attorney in a recent fraud case and I am so impressed with the outcome. The process was quick and easy. We even countered the first offer to get what was fair and I’m happy to say that the car was picked up today, I am free of that burden and I feel validated for all the time and money wasted trusting a dealership that took advantage of me. Widowed military wife and mother. That dealership thought I just give up. I’ve read that these cases can take a year or two to settle, I remember when speaking with Lilia and she said, ”I’d like to wrap this up by the end of the month,” and she absolutely did. Car was picked up Thursday, by Friday I received tracking from FedEx for the settlement check. That’s pretty incredible for this kind of litigious case. I read some of these other reviews and I have to say, once they take the case, don’t pester them, let them do their job. They always communicated when necessary but I didn’t need someone to hold my hand through the process. She was an aggressive attorney. Recommend her 100%!
Jocilyn HubertJocilyn Hubert
21:25 09 Sep 22
This legal team is amazing! Yes our case took time but they were always ready to answer any of our questions and we had a lot! They helped us every step of the way. nobody really wants to deal with going through all of this but they made the process a lot easier to deal with we can't give them enough praise!! Thank you guys for everything!!!
Vianey SalgadoVianey Salgado
20:49 09 Sep 22
I want to thank the whole team. If you are looking through this review don’t hesitate to give them a call!They are super understandable and nice.They will email you with every detail. Just sit back and put everything in their hands,because that’s how great they are. No worries at all next thing you know I got my money back plus more. I give them an 100/100!Also….I want to thank Michelle as well as Jason Stones. For making everything understandable.Thanks for everyone who was involved in this case, especially Hawk.I will for sure recommend you guys to family and friends when ever a situation comes up. (Hope not)
Pocho ProductionsPocho Productions
20:03 08 Aug 22
Had a Jeep with several issues. Called Auto Fraud Legal Center and they were able to help me out. They had the dealership buy back my vehicle and give me my money back + extra. They are an amazing team, especially Lilia Guizar, she was with me from the beginning all the way to the end. She would call me and text me whenever there were any updates, she guided us through the process and helped us make the best decisions. I couldn’t have asked for a better result, thanks to Lilia and the rest of the team. In total, it took about 4 months to resolve my case, which was fast. Again, thank you Lilia and everyone at Auto Fraud Legal Center, you guys are the best!
California's Auto Fraud Legal Center

Your Cheating Dealer Will Pay For Their Bad Acts.

You want your money back because the dealer cheated you. Our goal is to get your car bought back by the dealer or manufacturer, get all your money back, and make your financing go away. For over 20 years, we have fought for the rights of consumers who have been taken advantage of by auto dealers. We are California’s largest Auto Fraud and Lemon Law firm.


Auto Fraud

Auto fraud is a serious problem in California. Unscrupulous car dealerships look for anyway they can to cheat you and make a buck. They often sell vehicles they know have defects, sell vehicles they know have frame damage, and engage in creative and illegal financing

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Lemon Law

If you have had repeated repairs to your vehicle or it has been out of service for several days, it may be a lemon under the California Lemon law and you may be entitled to a cash settlement, refund or replacement vehicle.

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Dealer Engaged in Illegal Contract or Selling Methods?
There are numerous illegal issues that may pertain to your case. If you think there was anything fishy about your contract, the sales process or financing, you are probably right!

Dealer Sold You a Car That Wasn’t What They Claimed?
Your car hasn’t performed as expect, was used as a rental or in a wreck, a flood previously and not disclosed or was just not up to the level of the promises made including Certified Pre-Owned?

You Contact Auto Fraud Legal Center!
We assess your situation, let you know what remedies exist, work with you to sue the dealer, manufacturer, and/or your finance company and fight for you in court! Please note, we only accept cases for vehicles purchased in California within the last 3-4 years with a purchase price of at least $7,500.

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Let Us Help You

It May Not Be Too Late!

If a dealer lied to you – about the price, your down payment, your monthly payments, the vehicle’s accident history, the vehicle’s rental history, whether the vehicle was smogged or can even pass smog, warranty issues, or anything else – you may have a claim, and you may be able to return the vehicle you purchased, even years later, and get your money back.

Many dealers engage in sophisticated practices to break the law in ways that are not obvious to you. We’ve seen their scams and know their ways. Consumers are unaware that hundreds of thousands of contracts throughout the state are illegal. Even if you are not certain you were defrauded, you can contact us for a free contract review to make sure the dealer complied with the law. If your contract is illegal, you may be able to return the vehicle you purchased and get your money back.

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Certified used, “Certified Pre-Owned”, and “CPO” are ways in which manufacturers and dealers can sell used vehicles for a premium, because they are certified.

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Get a free attorney help with your California Lemon. That’s right, under the California Lemon Law, if your car is a lemon, the manufacturer of your vehicle is required to pay our fee.

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What are common bad dealership practices? There are many unscrupulous car dealers all too willing to take advantage of consumers.

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Whether you are looking at used or new vehicles, buying or leasing a car is a major investment that requires a lot of research.

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At the Auto Fraud Legal Center, LLP, our California auto fraud and lemon law lawyers understand that knowledge is a key way for consumers to protect themselves against auto fraud.

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Often, an issue arises as to whether a consumer has given the manufacturer a “reasonable” number of repair opportunities.

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The bad news is that a lot of dishonest dealers routinely cheat consumers, despite California lemon law and California auto fraud laws that are designed to protect consumers.

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Under the California Lemon Law, a consumer need only “present” the vehicle to the manufacturer or its authorized repair facility for repair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All of our cases are taken on a contingency bases, which means if we take on your case, you won't be asked to pay any money up front. The fees and costs we typically collect for your case are paid by the Defendant out of any settlement or winning verdict you accept and receive. Your Retainer Agreement will cover this in detail and you are encouraged to ask any questions you may have.
While there may be many reasons to sue a car dealership, if you did not get the proper value in your purchase due to lies, cheating or other bad acts by the dealership's salesperson, finance manager or others, you should be looking for a Lawyer with experience in Auto Fraud law, sometimes called Car Dealer Fraud. The Auto Fraud Legal Center LLP has an entire team of lawyers and professionals ready to serve California car buyers in need.
Just fill out the Contact Form, chat with us or pick up the phone and we’ll discuss your situation for FREE! If you have the type of case that matches our firm's focus, we'll invite you to submit paperwork and other potential evidence and go forward as our attorneys advise and you agree. We are always focused on what is in the best interest of our clients and strive to achieve that goal.
Yes, but only if still covered under (i) the original manufacturer's warranty or (ii) an extended warranty purchased from a Dealer and still in effect. Additionally, depending on how the sale was conducted, you may have been the victim of Auto Fraud or some other regulations governing how licensed car dealers are required to operate. Tell us your situation if you are unsure.
A lot. Auto Fraud law focuses on the behavior of the dealers like what was said, written and done by the dealer's staff at the time of the sale and shortly thereafter. Cases focus on this behavior of the dealer and whether their conduct broke any regulations and laws and caused damage to you, the buyer. Lemon law focuses on the condition of a car that is under a warranty, and whether or not it has been fixed properly.
We are a state-wide firm open to litigating cases all over California against licensed car dealers. If you suspect you have a bad contract or purchased a lemon, contact us today! Please note that the amount of money at stake in your claim may dictate that you file in Small Claims court, which would exclude you from our help.