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That’s right, under the California Lemon Law, if your car is a lemon, the manufacturer of your vehicle is required to pay our fee.

Is My Car a Lemon Under the California Lemon Law?

With millions of new vehicles sold in California each year, the odds are that thousands will incur some sort of manufacturing defect — including dangerous malfunctions involving brakes, wheels or drivetrains. Fortunately, thanks to California’s groundbreaking Lemon Law (which has since led to similar statutes in all 50 states), vehicle consumers who purchase one of these California car lemons have very clear, legally protected rights and recourse.

The California Lemon Law is actually part of the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, which provides that if a manufacturer or its authorized repair facility cannot successfully repair a consumer product within a reasonable number of repair attempts, the manufacturer must either promptly replace or repurchase the vehicle. To qualify for compensation under the Act, the product must be covered by a manufacturer’s or retail seller’s warranty.

In keeping with the Song-Beverly Act’s focus on consumer products, the California Lemon Law is limited to vehicles under 10,000 pounds as well as the chassis and engine parts of motor homes. A special provision of the Act also covers trailers, boats, and the cabin of motorhomes.

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If you have had repeated repairs to your vehicle or it has been out of service for several days, it may be a lemon under the California Lemon law and you may be entitled to a cash settlement, refund or a new car.

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