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California’s Consumer Protection And Lemon Law Statutes Were Written To Protect Hard-Working People From Dealer Fraud And Misrepresentations, And Auto Manufacturers Who Try To Cheat The Public By Refusing To Repurchase Defective Cars That They Know Are “Lemons.”

Each California auto fraud and lemon lawyer at the Auto Fraud Legal Center knows exactly how to deal with the sale of defective cars, trucks, motorcycles RV’s, trailers, motor homes, and boats. They know how to make car dealers and manufacturers take responsibility for their actions, and they will often make the car dealer or manufacturer buy back the defective vehicle and refund your entire purchase price.

If you need help battling a car dealership or auto manufacturer, contact an experienced auto fraud and lemon law attorney at the Auto Fraud Legal Center for a free initial consultation. Any of the attorneys below can help you with your case, and you are welcome to review their biographies.