Herrera v. Dagher Auto LLC – Upland (San Bernardino)
Our client bought a 2014 Ford F150 from Dagher Auto in March 2021. Before buying the Ford, our client’s wife found an online advertisement listing the Ford with a sale price of $15,495. However, Dagher Auto allegedly listed the sale price on the contract as $17,595 ($2,100 more than the advertised price), and falsely put on the contract that our client paid $5,000 down when in fact he only paid $4,000 up front and the other $1,000 was to be paid in two future installments. Dagher Auto then allegedly assigned the contract to Westlake Financial, but then repossessed the Ford anyway and put false information in the post-repossession notice. If you’ve been sold a car at a price greater than the advertised price, or had your vehicle repossessed by anyone but your lender, or had false reasons for repossession listed in the post-repo notice, please contact david@rbblawgroup.com. Rosner Barry & Babbitt’s Auto Fraud Legal Center will provide you a FREE evaluation of your rights. We are here to help you!