Villarreal v. DriveTime Car Sales Company, LLC – Buy-Here-Pay-Here Violations

In Villarreal v. DriveTime Car Sales Company, LLC, Mr. Villarreal alleges DriveTime’s Van Nuys location failed to disclose various information as required under the Vehicle Code and the Automobile Sales Finance Act. For example, Mr. Villarreal alleges DriveTime failed to disclose the reasonable market value of his 2015 Kia Optima as required for buy-here-pay-here dealers like DriveTime under Vehicle Code section 11950. He also alleges DriveTime failed to provide him with copies of his signed Get Approved Form as required by Civil Code section 2981.9.

Mr. Villarreal further alleges DriveTime made him pay for diagnostic costs during the first 30 days after his purchase in violation of Civil Code section 1795.51(c) and violated the Consumers Legal Remedies Act by failing to disclose the vehicle’s prior accident, damage, and repairs.

All DriveTime’s violations, Mr. Villarreal alleges, were pursuant to DriveTime’s statewide corporate policies.
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