Vehicle With “NO ISSUES,” “NO SURPRISES” Dies Less Than Three Months After Purchase – Who To Blame?

Mr. Cruz alleges Pacific Auto Center in Costa Mesa, California, induced him into purchasing a 2017 Ford Mustang based on Pacific Auto Center’s representations that the vehicle had “NO ISSUES” and “NO SURPRISES.” To his surprise, less than three months later, the check engine light came on and the vehicle started making a loud grinding noise. According to Ford Motor Company, the cylinder block is cracked, and the vehicle needs a new long block, transmission, driveshaft, clutch, and more. The estimated repair cost exceeds $12,000 for parts alone.
Ford Motor Company allegedly refuses to cover the repair under the factory warranty because the defects stem from the failure of a bearing, which was covered by the basic warranty that had already expired. Meanwhile, service contract company United States Warranty Corp. allegedly refuses to cover the repair on the ground the defect existed before Pacific Auto Center sold the vehicle to Mr. Cruz.
Mr. Cruz alleges either (1) the defect was preexisting and Pacific Auto Center misrepresented the Mustang’s condition, or (2) Pacific Auto Center accurately represented the vehicle’s condition and United States Warranty Corp. wrongfully denied coverage. Meanwhile, if the breakdown stems from a component covered by the factory warranty, Mr. Cruz alleges Ford Motor Company violated various provisions of the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act by failing to repair the defects under warranty and by failing to repurchase the vehicle.
If your car dealer represented your vehicle was in a certain condition and it was not, or if you were denied coverage under a manufacturer’s express warranty or a service contract, contact Auto Fraud Legal Center’s Auto Fraud Legal Center for a COMPLIMENTARY evaluation of your rights.