Vasquez v. Frontier Motors, et al. – Undisclosed Deferred Downpayment

In the case of Vasquez v. Frontier Motors, Mr. Vasquez alleges Mid-City Motor World of Eureka, California, violated various provisions of the Automobile Sales Finance Act by failing to properly disclose his deferred downpayments. Rather than disclosing the agreed-upon deferred downpayments on Line 6(D) of the sale contract and in the payment schedule in that contract, Mid-City Motor World allegedly marked the deferred downpayment line as “N/A” and instead relied on the separate Due Bill to lay out the deferred downpayment schedule. Mr. Vasquez claims this practice violates Civil Code sections 2981.9 and 2982(a) and makes his contract unenforceable.
If your dealership failed to properly disclose a deferred downpayment in your contract, or if your dealership failed to set forth all terms of payment in the sale contract itself, contact Auto Fraud Legal Center’s Auto Fraud Legal Center TODAY for a COMPLIMENTARY evaluation of your rights.