Uht v Anaheim Pre-Owned Cars


Anaheim Pre-Owned Cars is located in Pomona in Los Angeles County. It is a used car dealer. Our client went there to purchase a quality used car. The Anaheim Pre-Owned Cars’ salesperson showed our client a used 2012 Audi A7. Our client told Anaheim Pre-Owned Cars’ salesperson that he wanted to be sure the Vehicle was in good condition, had been checked for problems beforehand, and had not sustained any accident damage. Our client alleges he was told the Audi A7 was in excellent condition and that it was such a great car that the salesperson was actually considering buying it for himself. In response to our client’s question as to whether the Vehicle had ever been in an accident, Anaheim Pre-Owned Cars represented that it had not been in any accident and showed Plaintiff a clean Carfax report. Based on the representations by Anaheim Pre-Owned Cars, our client decided to purchase the 2012 Audi A7. Anaheim Pre-Owned Cars also sold him a “Smart Auto Care” service contract. Our client alleges he was told it was for purposes of paying for covered repairs to the Vehicle. Plaintiff alleges he later learned that the representations by the Anaheim Pre-Owned Cars stating the Vehicle was in excellent condition and had never been in an accident were untrue. The vehicle was sold to him with collapsed motor mounts (which the Service Contract refused to cover, calling it “pre-existing” damage). Our client was also informed that his Audi had thousands of dollars in improperly repaired accident damage. After coming come to the Auto Fraud Legal Center and having our lawyers look over Anaheim Pre-Owned Cars sales contract, further wrongdoings were discovered. The additional allegations were that Anaheim Pre-Owned Cars sold him the 2012 Audi A7 over its advertised price, that the contract was pre-packed with undisclosed “accessories,” that the car dealership failed to post the required Buyer’s Guide,and that Anaheim Pre-Owned Cars over-charged him for license fees.

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