The Cadillac That Was in “Great Condition” Despite Being in a Prior Accident.

Community Motors Auto Sales, Inc., in El Monte in Los Angeles County, has been sued for selling a 2009 Cadillac CTS with undisclosed prior accident. Before buying this Cadillac, the consumer specifically asked if the car had been in any accidents, and the dealership’s salesman allegedly said no, so she bought it. One the drive home, however, the car’s check engine light turned on. Community Motors allegedly fixed the problem, but the light came back on. The consumer took the car to another repair facility, where she learned the car’s timing chain was out of position, the fuel pump needed replacement, and the car needed over $3,000 in repairs. This consumer decided to something about this, so she called the Auto Fraud Legal Center, got a free consultation, and has filed a lawsuit against the dealership!