Schwandt v. Stanley Motors, Inc. (Cole Chrysler Dodge Jeep) – San Luis Obispo County

New case filed against Cole Chrysler Dodge Jeep over the purchase of a 2013 Subaru Impreza. Our client alleges Cole Chrysler Dodge Jeep (1) misrepresented the Subaru’s accident and damage history; (2) used CarFax in a fraudulent and misleading way; and (3) concealed the Subaru’s accident history.

Many people do not realize CarFax reports do not get information from everywhere. If a CarFax source doesn’t have an accident report, then neither does the CarFax report. That means many accidents may not show up on a CarFax report. If you purchased a vehicle with a “clean” CarFax and then learned the vehicle had prior accident repairs, contact Michael Klitzke at to discuss your rights.