Santopietro v. Honda of Downtown Los Angeles

Our client had always dreamed of owning a Honda Civic. When she purchased her “Honda Certified Pre-Owned” (CPO) 2015 Honda Civic from Honda of Downtown Los Angeles, she wanted a low-mileage, accident-free, one-owner car. Her salesperson told her that was what she would get with the “Honda Certified” Civic. After she purchased the vehicle, parts started falling off. When she tried to have the Civic repaired under the Certified Pre-Owned Warranty, she learned it had been in an accident, and poorly repaired. Even thought it had “Certified” the condition of the vehicle, American Honda Motor Company refused to repair the vehicle under the Certified Warranty due to the prior wreck. Our client called the Auto Fraud Legal Center for help. We filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court alleging Honda of Downtown Los Angeles lied about the condition of the vehicle and that American Honda Motor Company breached the warranty on the vehicle.

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