San Bernardino Dealership Ripped Family Off

Our clients bought a 2009 Ford E-Series 350 from Los Compadres Auto Center, located in the City and County of San Bernardino, for their big family (12 children!). The air conditioner needed to be repaired, and the dealership promised to fix it. Our clients allege that after the purchase the dealer kept making excuses as to why they couldn’t fix the air conditioning. Then the dealer repossessed the vehicle because our client refused to make their payment.

The attorneys at The Auto Fraud Legal Center began researching the dealership and filed a lawsuit in San Bernardino Superior Court alleging that not only did the dealer fail to repair the air conditioning as part of the purchase of the vehicle, the vehicle was also sold for more than the advertised price, the dealer did not disclose it was a prior rental, the dealer did not provide the minimum required warranty for a buy-here-pay-here dealership and they overcharged governmental fees, among other allegations.

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