The Auto Fraud Legal Center is finding more and more cases where RV Manufacturers are frequently, routinely violating a portion of the California lemon law, commonly referred to as the Thirty (30) Day Rule. Civil Code § 1793.2(b) requires all warranty repairs to be completed within thirty (30) days. However, our clients are finding that it to be increasingly difficult to get an appointment set within thirty (30) days, let alone repairs completed within the same thirty (30) day period.

We have a client who purchased a new 2017 Jayco Hummingbird. Unfortunately, our client has had nothing but problems with his recreational vehicle. Our client experienced various plumbing issues; defective slide out; improper support for the bed, and defective axle, and water leak. We allege that Jayco proceeded to violate the Thirty (30) Day Rule by failing to timely complete these repairs. Our client’s trailer remains defective. In Barscewski v. Jayco, Inc., et al. Kern County Superior Court Case No. BCV-18-100543, we are demanding that the manufacturer repurchase our client’s trailer.

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