Riley v. United Auto Credit Corporation – Santa Clara County

New case filed against United Auto Credit Corporation over a 2014 Nissan Altima sold by Seemocars in Morgan Hill in 2017. Our client alleges Seemocars and United Auto Credit Corporation failed to register and title the Vehicle in our client’s name. The failure to register the Altima has made it impossible to drive the Altima. Despite the failure to deliver title, United Auto Credit Corporation has demanded our client continue making payments for a car she can’t legally drive.

It is a common pattern that dealerships will sell cars without title right before closing. What really happens is the dealership will get the car but fail to payoff outstanding liens, sell the car to the next consumer and get paid in full, and the dealership will close without ever conveying title. If this happened to you, know that you can hold the dealership’s surety bond and the finance company responsible for the dealership’s fraud.