Quraishi v. Keylex, Inc., dba Keyes Lexus:

Quraishi v. Keylex, Inc., dba Keyes Lexus: On May 24, 2016, our client purchased a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) 2014 Lexus CT200H from Keyes Lexus in Los Angeles. Before purchasing the vehicle, our client alleges he was reassured the vehicle had never been involved in an accident. Come to find out, in January 2019, when attempting to trade in his vehicle, the vehicle was allegedly involved in two accidents in 2015. Our client contacted Keyes Lexus once he found out about the undisclosed accidents and requested the fair market value of the vehicle. Our client alleges Keyes Lexus refused his request. Our client was unable to get any assistance from Keyes Lexus. Now, he has contacted us to assist him in resolving his matter. If it turned out your CPO vehicle had undisclosed accident damage, call us today so we can help you too!