Porsche Certified Pre-Owned with Structural Damage?

Our client went to Porsche of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles County and purchased a used 2015 Porsche Panamera S. The vehicle was advertised and sold as a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, which means it allegedly underwent Porsche’s 111-point certification inspection to insure it met with Porsche “standards.”

However, after purchase our client allegedly noticed three of the four wheels had side wall damage, the door was misaligned, and other mechanical defects appeared. Growing concerned, Plaintiff had his own inspection performed on the vehicle. That’s when he found out that the vehicle had been involved in a motor vehicle accident that appears to have caused frame damage. It is illegal in California to advertise and/or sell a vehicle as “certified” if it has sustained frame damage.

Rather than accept this alleged misrepresentation, our client called The Auto Fraud Legal Center, whose experienced attorneys specialize in vehicles that have been misrepresented by the dealer and manufacturer.

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