Pacific Auto Center – Overcharged Fees

Mr. Cruz alleges Pacific Auto Center in Costa Mesa, California, charged him $85 for document processing fees, $485 for vehicle license fees, and $66 for registration/transfer/titling fees in connection with his vehicle purchase.
Only private industry partners of the California DMV can charge $85 for document processing; other dealers can only charge $70. (Veh. Code § 4456.5(a)(1).) Mr. Cruz alleges Pacific Auto Center is not a private industry partner of the DMV and has a pattern and practice of illegally collecting an extra $15 off each its car sales.
Meanwhile, Mr. Cruz alleges $0 was owed to the DMV for vehicle license fees and only $15 was owed for registration/transfer/titling fees, meaning Pacific Auto Center overcharged him by $526. While Pacific Auto Center refunded him $506, Mr. Cruz alleges it was unlawful for Pacific Auto Center to retain the $20 difference.
If you suspect your car dealer overcharged you for document processing fees, vehicle license fees, or registration/transfer/titling fees and failed to provide an appropriate refund, contact Auto Fraud Legal Center’s Auto Fraud Legal Center for a COMPLIMENTARY evaluation of your rights.