Morrison & Dixon v. Maadrani’s Auto Sales Inc. dba Sac City Motors, et al

Our clients purchased a 2012 Dodge Challenger from Sac City Motors in Sacramento, California. Prior to sale, Sac City Motors told our clients that the vehicle was in good condition, and that it was accompanied by a 30-day warranty. However, when they got in the finance office, Sac City Motors made them sign an “as-is” Buyer’s Guide, which meant there was no warranty. Shortly after sale, the vehicle started overheating. Our client gave Sac City Motors several opportunities to repair the vehicle, but it was unable or unwilling to do so. Eventually, Sac City Motors refused to complete any further repairs. Our client turned to the Auto Fraud Legal Center for help. We filed a demand for arbitration with the American Arbitration Association, which alleged fraud in the sale of the vehicle, and further, that the dealership breached the California’s “lemon law,” by failing to fix the vehicle. The case settled when Sac City Motors agreed to repurchase the vehicle and pay our clients’ attorneys’ fees and costs.