More Misrepresentations and Illegal Contracts from DriveTime?

Our client purchased a 2014 Mercedes-Benz from DriveTime, in Riverside County. DriveTime allegedly conducted an inspection of the vehicle and ran a vehicle history report to determine the vehicle’s history. Before purchasing the vehicle, our client alleges she asked if the vehicle had ever been involved in an accident and DriveTime told her it had not. Based on DriveTime’s representation about the vehicle’s history, our client decided to purchase the vehicle.

Our client later decided she wanted to trade in her Mercedes-Benz for another vehicle. However, when she tried to trade it in at a different dealership, she was informed a Carfax vehicle history report showed there were incidents where the vehicle had sustained damage before she had purchased it.

When our client contacted the Auto Fraud Legal Center about her vehicle’s allegedly misrepresented history, we were happy to help. We have filed a lawsuit in arbitration against DriveTime, alleging not only that it failed to accurately disclose the vehicle’s history, but also that DriveTime has a business practice of using misleading and illegal sales documents.

A Carfax vehicle history report can sometimes be inaccurate, and it takes time for accidents to appear on the report. Dealerships may take advantage of this loophole in Carfax’s reporting. You should not rely entirely on the contents of a Carfax or any other vehicle history report before you purchase a used vehicle. Instead, have a third-party inspect the vehicle before you purchase it—it is your right!

If you purchased a vehicle from DriveTime and think you were cheated, contact for a FREE evaluation of your case.