Morales-Vargas v. Perry Ford of National City

Mr. Morales bought a Ford Mustang from Perry Ford of National City. Mr. Morales alleged that Perry Ford “packed” him with accessories such as GAP Insurance, a service contract, and an alarm system (meaning he did not know he was buying or paying extra for these items, in part because the transaction was negotiated in Spanish and Mr. Morales was not given a Spanish translation of the contract as required by law). Perry Ford also forced Mr. Morales to enter into a second contract in which they increased his Annual Percentage Rate (“APR”), monthly payment, and the cost of the same service contract he purchased in the first contract. The increase in the service contract was an illegal finance charge. Further, Mr. Morales had a California Lemon Law claim against Ford Motor Company because the vehicle pulled to one side. Based on all of these claims, we obtained a settlement for Mr. Morales that included a repurchase of his Mustang (meaning Ford paid off the loan on his car and he returned it to them), plus a $67,000 payment to him.