Matthews v. Global Auto Trend, Inc., dba OC Auto Club, et al. – Orange County

New auto fraud case filed regarding our client’s 2015 Honda Civic purchased at dba OC Auto Club. Our client was sold a car she alleges was involved in a prior accident and had resulting frame damage but was never disclosed. On that basis, our client alleges OC Auto Club: (1) advertised the vehicle for sale without disclosing it had previously been in an accident; (2) advertised the vehicle for sale without disclosing the vehicle had prior frame and/or structural damage; (3) made untrue or misleading statements the dealership knew, or should have known, were untrue or misleading; (4) represented the vehicle was clean, when it was not; (5) represented the vehicle had not been involved in any accidents, when it had; (6) concealed prior accident damage; (7) failed to provide a Carfax report while representing that the vehicle would come with one; and (8) concealed prior accident damage by failing to provide a Carfax report.