Manuel Ramirez v. DGDG 4, LLC dba Capitol Chevrolet, et al. – Santa Clara County

New auto fraud case filed over our client’s certified pre-owned 2021 Chevrolet Malibu. Mr. Ramirez bought the car in February 2022 and started having problems with the car immediately. Specifically, the car’s bumper cover flew off while on the road. After taking it to an autobody shop, our client learned the car was in a prior wreck but was nevertheless sold to him as a certified vehicle. When Mr. Ramirez complained, the dealership tried to blame him for the damage. Our client now alleges Capitol Chevrolet: 1) sold the vehicle without disclosing the prior accident; 2) misrepresented the condition of the vehicle; 3) misrepresented the accident history of the vehicle; 4) violated Vehicle Code § 11713.18(a); 5) used an AutoCheck report in a misleading manner; and 6) sold the vehicle as a certified pre-owned when it didn’t qualify under GM’s certification guidelines.