Litigation Update: Viscarra v. BMW of El Cajon

BMW of El Cajon, in San Diego County, sold our client a certified pre-owned (“CPO”) BMW M6. Cars that have been certified must conform to certain standards under the law. Despite the car being certified, our client alleges the vehicle’s warning lights came on, alerting her to a tire pressure monitor system malfunction and low wiper fluids. Our client alleged that when she took the car to a different dealership, they found the tire pressure monitor system sensor had been removed and replaced by rubber stems, and the wiper fluid tank had a hole caused from aftermarket tires rubbing against the fenders. After filing a lawsuit, the attorneys at Rosner, Barry & Babbitt’s Auto Fraud Legal Center were able to get all our client’s money back, the car off our client’s hands, and her attorney’s fees and costs covered.
If you have purchased a certified pre-owned vehicle from a dealership and discover the car has damage which the dealership did not disclose to you, you may have a case. Please contact for a FREE evaluation of your rights. The Auto Fraud Legal Center is here to help you!