Litigation Update: Parkway Motorscars

Our case against Parkway Motorcars has settled!

Our client purchased a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) 2012 Volkswagen EOS from the Santa Clarita dealership. After purchase, our client noticed the vehicle’s alignment was off and the tires were wearing unevenly. This is a tell-tale sign of frame damage.

Later, our client discovered the vehicle had been involved in an accident that caused frame damage before Parkway Motorcars certified and sold it to him. It is illegal in California to advertise or sell a vehicle as “Certified” if it has sustained frame damage, even if someone repairs it. A damaged frame is a safety concern.

Our firm filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging violations of the Consumers Legal Remedies Act, Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, and other violations of law such as the Vehicle Code’s rules against certification of frame damaged vehicles.

Auto Fraud Legal Center was able to recover ALL of our client’s money as well as additional money because of the dealer’s conduct. The dealer also paid attorneys fees and costs, so our client didn’t have to.

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