Litigation Update: Los Compadres Auto Center

Our recent case against Pedroza Cars, Inc. dba Los Compadres Auto Center has concluded!

The San Bernardino dealer allegedly sold our client a 2009 Ford E-Series 350 for more than the advertised price, failed to disclose it had previously been used as a rental, failed to disclose deferred downpayments, didn’t provide a Buyers Guide, and failed and then refused to repair the vehicle’s air conditioner.

After filing a lawsuit in San Bernardino Superior Court, the Auto Fraud Legal Center was able to get ALL our client’s money back and his attorneys’ fees paid. Los Compadres also agreed to an injunction that will hopefully alter their illegal business practices.

If you purchased a car from Los Compadres and want more information about the claims asserted against it, please contact for a FREE evaluation of your rights. We are here to help you!