Kozakowski v. Sullivan Motor Cars, LLC, dba Toyota of Santa Monica, et al. – Los Angeles County

New auto fraud case filed regarding our client’s 2017 Toyota Tacoma purchased at Toyota of Santa Monica. Our client wanted to buy a specific trim of the Toyota Tacoma model but was sold a lower-level trim. Our client alleges the dealership (1) misrepresented the vehicle was a TRD Pro model, when it was not; (2) misrepresented the vehicle had features it did not; (3) misrepresented the dealership could install automatic seats, when it could not; (4) misrepresented the vehicle would be covered under the vehicle service contract, when it was not; (5) misrepresented the dealership would install a bed cover, when it did not; and (6) misrepresented the condition and/or the features of the vehicle.