Just Found Out the Used Car You Purchased Was in an Accident?

Used cars can be a risky purchase because they are often sold “as is” and you can’t be sure about the vehicle’s history. We recommend you always ask if the vehicle has been in an accident because the dealership is required to tell you the truth, to the best of their knowledge. However, oftentimes a dealership will lie just to make a sale. This is not ok! And it is especially not ok from a luxury dealership such as Jim Falk Lexus of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles County. However, our client alleges he purchased a vehicle from this dealership and later learned there was accident damage that had been improperly repaired. Even after the dealership’s own experts confirmed the faulty repair, Jim Falk Lexus of Beverly Hills is refusing to cancel the sale. If you suspect the dealer lied to you about your used car’s accident history, call us at 858-348-1005.