Jimenez v. Harvey & Madding, Inc. – SETTLEMENT UPDATE

In the case of Jimenez v. Harvey & Madding Inc., Ms. Jimenez alleged Dublin Honda sold her a “Certified Pre-Owned” (CPO) 2015 Honda CR-V that was the subject of a previous class action related to an allegedly severe vibration defect. (Romaya v. Am. Honda Motor Co. Inc. (C.D.Cal. 2015, No. 2:2015-cv-03938).) Ms. Jimenez alleged that rather than disclosing the known defect, Dublin Honda represented to her that the vehicle met Honda’s stringent certification criteria. She contended American Honda Motor Company, Inc., violated California law by allowing its “certified” label to be placed on 2015 Honda CR-Vs.
Further, Ms. Jimenez alleged Dublin Honda represented the vehicle had only been in a fender bender before she bought it. She learned afterwards that, by the time of the transaction, the vehicle had sustained damage to the right rear, right side, rear, and left side. She alleged she would not have purchased the vehicle had she known its full history.
Auto Fraud Legal Center’s Auto Fraud Legal Center successfully represented Ms. Jimenez in obtaining a settlement on her behalf.
If you purchased a vehicle subject to a known, widespread mechanical defect (such as that with the 2015 Honda CR-V), or if your dealer understated the extent of presale damage to your vehicle, contact Auto Fraud Legal Center’s Auto Fraud Legal Center for a COMPLIMENTARY evaluation of your rights.