Jeep Cherokee & Jeep Grand Cherokee

Your Jeep Cherokee or Jeep Grand Cherokee may not be living up to what you had hoped.  How many times have you had to take your Jeep to a dealership for repair?  Have you had enough?  Has the dealership told you that your Jeep simply needs a software update?  How many times has your Jeep dealer flashed the computer on your vehicle?  Your Jeep may be a lemon.

Jeep is recalling over 80,000 2014 Cherokee models due to a software malfunction which causes the vehicle to unintentionally shift into neutral. The issue affects 3.2 liter V6 models built between February 2013 and July 2014.  Even if your Jeep is not part of the recall, your Jeep may still be a lemon.

If you own a Jeep Cherokee vehicle and are experiencing issues that haven’t been fixed in a reasonable number of attempts while under warranty, the Lemon Law Department at Rosner, Barry and Babbitt’s Auto Fraud Legal Center can help you file a lemon claim to get it replaced or repurchased.

Please contact the Lemon Law Department at the Auto Fraud Legal Center for a free case review.  We are here to help you! We have been representing consumers in California for over thirty years.  Contact Jeff Le Pere to address any potential lemon law claim or dealer misrepresentation claim you may have.