Global Auto Group, aka Magic Auto Group

Global Auto Group, aka Magic Auto Group – In March 2019, our client went to Magic Auto Group in Fontana to purchase a safe and reliable vehicle. First, our client purchased a 2016 Malibu that broke down the same day he purchased it. The next day, he took the Malibu back to return it but, was only allowed to exchange it for another vehicle. Our client traded-in the Malibu for a 2016 Sentra, which also broke down on our client. Our client alleges, Magic Auto Group would not return his money and only allowed him to continue trading in the defective vehicles. Again, our client traded-in the 2016 Sentra for another 2016 Sentra hoping, this time, the vehicle would be safe and reliable. Surprisingly, the third vehicle sold to our client was also defective and was sold with structural damage. This time, we have filed a lawsuit against Magic Auto Group. If you have been involved in a similar situation, contact our office now so we may assist you.