False Advertising and False Signatures.

Bravado Auto, Inc., located in Lakewood, CA, advertised a 2008 Buick for one price, but when the consumer went and bought it, Bravado did not honor the advertisement and increased the price by $1,000. Even worse, after the consumer signed the contract and took the car home, Bravado allegedly forged the consumer’s signatures and initials on a second contract and sold that contract to a different bank. But that’s not all. Bravado also allegedly overcharged the vehicle license fees and pocketed the difference. But things still got worse. The car appears to be a lemon, as it has had several mechanical problems since the consumer bought it, but despite the car being covered by warranty, the dealership has not repaired it and refuses to do so. This consumer is now working with the Auto Fraud Legal Center to take Bravado to court.