People are contacting the Auto Fraud Legal Center because their Subaru vehicles are leaving them stranded. Drivers of 2016-2019 Subaru Outbacks and 2019-2020 Subaru Ascents appear to have bad batteries. Subaru issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) in June 2017 and revised in October 2017 that “involved a reprogramming to attempt to address customer concerns that included ‘[p]otential battery discharge (dead battery) after repeated periods of short-trip driving.’”

The bulletin (TSB 11-174-17R) was issued for owners of 2015-2017 Subaru Legacy, Outback and WRX vehicles and 2017-2018 Foresters. The TSB includes the subject line: Reprogramming File Availability for: DTC P05A0- Battery Discharge after Repeated Short-Trip Driving High Engine Idle RPM After Depressing Clutch Pedal.

According to Subaru, the “bulletin announces the availability of reprogramming files to optimize the ECM and address the following customer concerns.”

  • “Check Engine light coming on (with DTC P05A0 stored in memory).”
  • “Potential battery discharge (dead battery) after repeated periods of short-trip driving.”
  • “A high (or “hanging”) engine RPM after depressing the clutch pedal (Forester only)

Your Subaru dealership will probably seek to replace the battery. This is the symptom of an issue that Subaru cannot fix.

Even during the Coronavirus epidemic, the Auto Fraud Legal Center is here to help you. California’s lemon law is designed to protect consumers by requiring car companies to repurchase or replace vehicles that suffer from warranty defects that cannot be fixed in a reasonable number of attempts – sometimes as few as 2 repair attempts. If you think your Subaru vehicle may be a lemon, we may be able to require Subaru to buyback your car.

Please contact the Lemon Law Department at the Auto Fraud Legal Center for a free case review. We are here to help you! We have been representing consumers in California for over thirty years. Contact Jeff Le Pere to address any potential lemon law claim or dealer misrepresentation claim you may have.