Does Universal City Nissan Discriminate Against Veterans?

Our client is a disabled veteran that suffered injury due to exposure to agent orange. Because of this, he uses a wheelchair for mobility, and traveling with that wheelchair requires a certain type of truck. When our client went to Universal City Nissan in Los Angeles County and asked a salesperson to show him that specific type of truck, the salesman allegedly lied and told our client that the dealership had a different truck that met his requirements, when it really didn’t. Our client even asked the salesman to contact Nissan’s corporate office to double check the truck’s capabilities, and the salesman disappeared for a few minutes claiming to have done so. Allegedly, the salesman returned and continued lying to this brave man who sacrificed for his country. Ultimately, our client was tricked into buying a car that did not fit his needs. Are you a veteran that has been taken advantage of by an unscrupulous car dealer? If something similar happened, let us know at 858-348-1005.