Did Panda Motors Bait and Switch Customer into Buying an Allegedly Dangerous Car?

Our client filed a lawsuit against Panda Motors dba California Motors Direct when they allegedly bait-and-switched him into a vehicle with unsafe frame damage. California Motors Direct advertised the vehicle’s safety features, including elements of the car’s frame. However, when our client showed up at the lot, he was told to sign a number of disclosure documents he alleges he was told “didn’t apply to the car but are required by law.” Our client later learned that none of these disclosure forms were required by law, and they were actually a way to trick him into purchasing an unsafe car. When he learned the vehicle had frame damage and confronted the dealer for telling him that the car was safe, Panda Motors did nothing and told our client that this was his fault. Did you buy a car with undisclosed frame damage? If so, call us today at 858-348-1005.