Did J Star Auto Fail to Disclose the Vehicle’s Rental History

Our client bought a 2015 Ford Fusion from J Star Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, an Orange County dealership located in Anaheim. Before purchase, our client alleges he asked the salesperson about the vehicle’s history and condition and was told it had no accidents and no problems. The dealership also provided our client with a used vehicle disclosure that did not disclose any problems.

Shortly after purchase, our client alleges the vehicle began making clicking, creaking, and rattling noises. He brought the vehicle back to J Star for a diagnosis and repair. Although a J Star technician confirmed the noises, he could not identify the problem and concluded it was normal. No repairs were attempted. Then the vehicle had trouble starting and displayed warning lights. Our client brought the vehicle to another dealership for diagnosis and was told the vehicle had multiple leaks.

Our client was shocked when he discovered the vehicle had previously been registered and used as a rental vehicle! This was not disclosed to our client either by the salesperson or on the used vehicle disclosure form. In California, a dealer must disclose if a vehicle was previously used as a rental.

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