Did Credit Acceptance Continue Collecting Money Without Title to the Vehicle?

Our client purchased a 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan from Carfinance Center, LLC, a dealership that operated in Oceanside, in San Diego County. The vehicle purchase was financed through Credit Acceptance.

Several months passed and our client had not received his registration. He contacted his auto club and discovered Carfinance Centers had allegedly failed to file the proper registration paperwork with the DMV and did not provide the vehicle title to Credit Acceptance. A dealership cannot sell a vehicle without clear title to it.

When our client asked Credit Acceptance if it had the title to his vehicle, he found out they did not. Even so, Credit Acceptance has continued to collect monthly payments from our client.

After evaluating our client’s claims and advising him of his rights, we filed a lawsuit in arbitration, in the City of San Diego, to ensure he will not be left with a car and no title.

If you purchase a vehicle that you cannot register because the dealership did not have title, contact jason@rbblawgroup.com for a free evaluation of your potential claims.