Dealer Never Registered Your Car?

A dealer is required to submit your vehicle registration paperwork within 30 days of the purchase date. If you bought a new or used vehicle more than two months ago and your registration documents still haven’t arrived, you may have a claim. We just filed a lawsuit against PCH Car Co. in San Diego County because our client alleges she has been waiting over 7 months to receive her registration! That means she could be ticketed if she drives the vehicle, she would not be able to report it stolen in case of theft, and it may even void the insurance policy she has been paying for. To make matters worse, this dealership overcharged her for vehicle license fees and failed to pay off the loan on her trade-in vehicle – so she is forced to pay for *two* cars: one that she doesn’t legally own, and another that has not been in her possession for over 7 months.

Still waiting for your registration documents? If so, give us a call at 858-348-1005. We have extensive experience protecting consumers from shady car dealers, and we can help you, too.