How would you feel if you purchased a vehicle over 5 months ago and the dealer never provided you with your registration? Not only that, but the dealer kept your down payment and your trade-in car and now you cannot legally drive your new car because you cannot get it registered? This is what our client alleges happened to her.

On April 2, 2022, our client went to Super Shopper Auto Sales, Inc. in Chico in Butte County to purchase a vehicle. The salesperson at the Super Shopper Auto Sales Dealer directed our client to a used 2015 Infiniti Q50, which Super Shopper was offering for sale. By offering the 2015 Infiniti for sale, Super Shopper represented that the title to the Vehicle was good, that Super Shopper Auto Sales could transfer rightful title, and that the Q50 would be delivered free from any security interest, lien, or other encumbrance.

Our client told Super Shopper Auto Sales she did not have the $10,000 down payment it demanded on that day to sell her the 2015 Infiniti. Super Shopper deferred the $10,000 down payment. Super Shopper required our client to sign a separate Promissory Note and failed to disclose the deferred down payment on the sale contact, which our client alleges is illegal.

Despite our client’s repeated requests, Super Shopper Auto Sales never provided her with registration, license plates, or DMV tags for the Vehicle. Additionally, Super Shopper Auto Sales has not returned her down payment or trade-in vehicle. Rosner, Barry & Babbitt, the Auto Fraud Legal Center, is filing a lawsuit Butte County to force Super Shopper Auto Sales to repurchase the 2015 Infiniti Q50 and refund our client’s money.

Did you buy a vehicle at Super Shopper Auto Sales, Inc, or Super Shopper Auto Sales, Inc. “2” and not receive your registration? Were you misled by any automobile dealership about your Infiniti, Nissan, GM, Dodge Jeep, Lexus, Ford GMC, Toyota, Honda, or any other year, make or model car, SUV, truck, cross-over or other vehicle? If so, please contact Rosner, Barry & Babbitt’s Auto Fraud Legal Center will provide you with a FREE evaluation of your situation. Put our years of experience with car dealers to work for you.