Damaged Vehicle with No Title?

Our client purchased a 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer from South Coast Mitsubishi in Orange County. Before purchase, the dealership allegedly had our client sign blank disclosures that were later filled in. Furthermore, our client has yet to receive registration and the dealership failed to timely submit paperwork to the DMV to transfer title. That means our client is unable to receive the title even if he pays off the vehicle loan!

Our client contacted Auto Fraud Legal Center, and we got to work to protect his rights. We have filed a lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court alleging South Coast Mitsubishi made misrepresentations about the vehicle’s condition and failed to transfer the vehicle’s title.

If you purchased a used vehicle and later discovered the dealer lied about its history, or you have not received registration because of an issue with the title, contact jason@rbblawgroup.com for FREE case evaluation.