Cox v. US Auto Leasing, Inc., et al. – Stanislaus County

New auto fraud case filed over our client’s used 2018 Dodge Journey SXT purchased from US Auto Leasing dba Prestige Auto Sales. Our client alleges Prestige Auto Sales is a “buy-here-pay-here” dealer and: (1) failed to display a reasonable market value label on the vehicle; (2) failed to provide our client with the information obtained and used to determine the reasonable market value; (3) represented it would comply with the sales contract and California law in the repossession and sale of the vehicle; (4) failed to comply with Civil Code section 1795.51 by not providing the warranty “buy-here-pay-here” dealers must provide consumers; (5) failed to provide a Buyers Guide that complied with the buy-here-pay-here statutes; and (6) overcharged the Vehicle License Fees on Line 2(A) of the sales contract without refunding the overcharged amount.