Here we had a situation where the buyers went to Cars 911 in Los Angeles to purchase a used car. During the sales negotiations, the finance manager allegedly told the buyers that in order to get financed, they would have to make a $1,800 down payment. The buyers told the finance manager they did not have that amount available. The finance manager told the buyers they could pay the down payment in installments directly to the Cars 911 over several weeks. These installments were not written into the sales contract. Additionally, the buyers allege they were verbally promised that any problems with the vehicle would be repaired. Shortly after purchase, the consumers delivered the Vehicle to Cars 911 for the promised repair. Cars 911 failed to provide Plaintiff with a written repair records for the repair attempts. This is a violation of California law. These repairs were either never done, or improperly done and the car became undrivable. The buyers were unable to get any satisfaction from Cars 911. After our office became involved, Cars 911 bought back our client’s vehicle, refunded their money, paid-off the vehicle loan, and paid their attorney’s fees and costs.

If you purchased a from Cars 911 or any other California car dealership and you had an improperly reported deferred down payment, or your promised repairs were never made, please contact Rosner, Barry & Babbitt’s Auto Fraud Legal Center will provide you with a FREE evaluation of your situation. Let us put over 30 years of experience with car dealers, to work for you.