Can You Trust the Salesmen at Universal City Nissan?

Our client recently filed suit against Universal City Nissan in Los Angeles County after allegedly being defrauded by a salesman there. Our client is a Vietnam vet that suffers disabilities from exposure to Agent Orange. His disability requires him to use a wheelchair and he needs a truck with specific towing abilities to be able to travel with his wheelchair. Our client visited Universal City Nissan and was direct with them about his towing needs. He spoke to a salesman that directed him to a vehicle that he guaranteed had the towing abilities our client needed. Our client even asked the salesman to call Nissan’s corporate office and confirm the towing abilities. The salesman confirmed that the vehicle had what our client needed. Shortly after the sale, our client learned that wasn’t true and the truck would need thousands of dollars in modifications to meet his needs. Did a car dealer lie to you like this just to make a sale? If so, call us today at 858-348-1005.