Broadway v. John L. Sullivan Investments, Inc., et al. – Sale Over Advertised Price

In the case of Broadway v. John L. Sullivan Investments, Inc., Ms. Broadway alleges she visited Roseville Toyota to inquire about purchasing a new 2019 Toyota RAV4. She claims she saw a window sticker affixed to a particular vehicle indicating a price of $35,024. She decided to purchase it based on her understanding that was the price. Roseville Toyota informed her that she was required to purchase two theft-deterrent devices (LoJack and Tracker) in order to purchase the vehicle. Based on her understanding these items were mandatory, Ms. Broadway paid nearly $1,000 for them as part of the transaction.


To her dismay, Ms. Broadway subsequently learned the theft-deterrent items were optional. To make matters worse, her sale contract indicates she was charged a cash price of $36,519, about $1,500 more than the sticker price. Ms. Broadway alleges, when she approached Roseville Toyota about this, Roseville Toyota told her the increased price was for the cost of an add-on product called Llumar. She claims she was never informed of the add-on before she purchased the car. Worse, she alleges, Roseville Toyota refused to refund the cost of the optional theft-deterrent devices.


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