Broadway v. John L. Sullivan Investments, Inc., et al. – LoJack, Tracker Theft-Deterrent Devices Mandatory?

In the case of Broadway v. John L. Sullivan Investments, Inc., Ms. Broadway alleges Roseville Toyota represented to her that, as a condition to her purchase of a new 2019 Toyota RAV4, she had to purchase two theft-deterrent devices: LoJack ($695.) and Tracker ($189). After learning postsale that these items are in fact optional, she claims she contacted Roseville Toyota. She alleges Roseville Toyota refused to refund her for the cost on the ground they were “pre-installed.”


If you, like Ms. Broadway, purchased theft-deterrent devices based on your understanding they were mandatory add-ons, contact Rosner, Barry & Babbitt, LLP’s Auto Fraud Legal Center for a FREE evaluation of your rights.