Braxton-Callahan v. Enterprise Car Sales, et al

Our client purchased a 2016 Nissan Altima from Enterprise Car Sales, as an Enterprise Certified Pre-Owned (“Enterprise CPO”) vehicle. The sale was accompanied by a CPO warranty from Enterprise, as well the original manufacturer’s warranty from Nissan North America. Within a day of purchase, the vehicle’s transmission failed. Our client sought repair of the vehicle’s transmission numerous times under the Enterprise and Nissan warranties, but the vehicle remained defective. So she turned the Auto Fraud Legal Center for help. We filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court against Enterprise Car Sales and Nissan North America, which alleged fraud, and further, that our client was sold a “lemon.” The case settled when Enterprise and Nissan agreed to repurchase the vehicle and pay our client’s attorneys’ fees and costs.

Did you purchase a vehicle with a warranty that the dealership has been unable to repair after multiple opportunities? You might have a claim under California’s “lemon law,” the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. Please call the attorneys at the Auto Fraud Legal Center for a FREE consultation and evaluation of your rights!