Another Fake CPO With Too Many Problems.

Ganas Auto, located in South Gate in Los Angeles County, sold this consumer a 2012 Dodge Charger that allegedly had undergone a “full 150-point certified inspection of quality so you can rest assured you are purchasing your vehicle in the best condition possible.” But not long after being sold, the car started to overheat. When the consumer tried to have Ganas fix it, Ganas refused, claiming it was not covered by warranty. So much for the 150-point inspection. But there’s more. The car’s brakes had problems and had a hard time stopping. Even worse, the car’s seatbelts did not work right. Despite the alleged certified inspection of quality, the car was somehow sold with these problems. Eventually, the consumer was involved in an accident when the steering wheel allegedly locked up while he was driving it. This young consumer knew something was not right, so he called the Auto Fraud Legal Center and has taken Ganas to court!