Anjaz v. Indigo European Motorcars, LLC, et al. – Luxury Used Car Sale Gone Wrong

In the case of Anjaz v. Indigo European Motorcars, LLC, Mr. Anjaz, a resident of the State of Washington, alleges he had been searching high and low for a Bentley Continental that met certain specifications. He claims to have found a used 2014 Bentley Continental GT Speed being advertised for sale by Bentley of Rancho Mirage. He reportedly contacted the dealership, which informed him the vehicle was undergoing some suspension work, but assured Mr. Anjaz that everything would be fixed by the time he flew down to Southern California to see it.
Mr. Anjaz ended up traveling all the way to Bentley of Rancho Mirage to purchase the vehicle. On his drive home back to Washington, it allegedly became apparent the vehicle was in a state of disrepair. Mr. Anjaz claims subsequent inspections revealed suspension hardware was dangerously loose–hanging on by just a couple threads. Meanwhile, Bentley Seattle allegedly confirmed a clunking noise from the front suspension, squeaky brakes, and misalignment.
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