AIR BAG FRAUD? – Lewis v Top Notch Auto Locators

Lewis v Top Notch Auto Locators
In June 2018, our client went to Top Notch Auto Locators to purchase a safe car for her personal use. Top Notch Auto Locators sold our client used a 2018 Chevrolet Cruz. Our client alleges Top Notch Auto Locators’ salesperson told her the 2018 Chevy Cruz was still covered under the manufacturer’s original warranty.
While our client was driving the Chevrolet Cruz, the “Service Passenger Air Bag” light illuminated. Our client brought the vehicle to an authorized Chevrolet repair facility for repair. The Chevrolet repair facility informed Plaintiff the Vehicle appeared to have sustained damage in a major accident and stated both the driver and passenger side connectors were disconnected and had resistors wired into the system. The Chevrolet repair facility further informed our client it appeared the resistors were wired in to make the 2018 Chevy Cruz appear to have functioning air bags. The facility also informed Plaintiff there may not be even be front air bags in the 2018 Cruz and that it was unsafe to drive.
Our client turned to the Auto Fraud Legal Center for help. Our law firm is filing suit. Our complaint will not only allege our client was sold a dangerous and unsafe vehicle, but Top Notch Auto Locators did not have a legal Buyers Guide and Top Notch Auto Locators overcharged her for DMV license fees and kept her money.
If you believe Top Notch Auto Locators, or any other dealership, sold you an unsafe vehicle or misled you about the history or mechanical condition of a car, truck, pick-up truck, or SUV which you purchased, or overcharged you for license fees, please contact Rosner, Barry & Babbitt’s Auto Fraud Legal Center will provide you with a FREE evaluation of your situation. Let us put over 30 years of experience with car dealers to work for you.